KPI associate certification

Understand and apply KPI development methods to build a scorecard system for all your performance reporting needs.

Delivery methods

In-Person Training (Public)

3 day training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

6 x 3hr tutorials

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Course overview

This course will identify and describe various KPI and performance measurement techniques to help you build a contextual scorecard system for your organisation. Using these KPI frameworks, you will be able to lead scorecard development projects in your organisation.

The KPI Associate course introduces you to the basic concepts of scorecard development by using a disciplined framework to build KPIs for various business activities. KPI and performance measurement development is a discipline that involves articulating what an organisation is trying to accomplish and then identifying the most meaningful and valuable indicators of success. Simply selecting standard measures from a long list of possible measures is ineffective. Performance measures, or KPIs, are a vital part of any performance management system, as they are critical to assessing the effectiveness of organisational planning and the results being achieved. KPIs also help analyse the gap between actual and targeted performance and measure organisational effectiveness and operational efficiency.

The KPI Associate Course is based on the Balanced Scorecard Institute’s KPI framework and years of consulting and training experience in performance management and building scorecard systems. Created by the Balanced Scorecard Institute and offered in association with the George Washington University Centre for Excellence in Public Leadership (part of the College of Professional Studies), the certification program is consistent with the best practice of developing performance scorecards.

This course is designed to help participants understand the fundamentals of performance management and then successfully develop, deploy, and manage meaningful KPIs for strategic, operational, or programme management.

Course Durations

In-Person Training (Public)

3 day training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

6 x 3hr tutorial

Objectives & Topics

The program is designed around practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies, and time for participants to practice what they learn with support from experts.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Recognise performance management as a critical strategic and competitive differentiator
  • Understand the theory and application of corporate performance management through Balanced
    Scorecards (BSCs) and other frameworks for developing KPIs
  • Create buy-in and a culture of continuous performance improvement to own enthusiastically
    performance measurement and improvement
  • Drive performance-informed budgeting and accountability
  • Develop best practice KPIs, performance targets, and management dashboards
  • Improve the performance of departments, teams, programs, projects, risks, and individuals
  • Make their strategy measurable and easier to communicate and cascade
  • Select and design performance measures that are far more meaningful than brainstorming or benchmarking ever can produce
  • Bring their KPIs to life in a consistent way, using the correct data and with the proper ownership
  • Design insightful and actionable reports and dashboards that focus discussion on improvement
  • Identify the accurate signals from their measures about whether performance is improving or not
  • Communicate performance information throughout the organisation to better inform decision making
  • Convincingly hit performance targets and make measurements about transformation.

Benefits of attending

Benefits gained

The KPI Associate course is an introductory course to KPI development. It comprises theory and practical application exercises that allow delegates to test their knowledge in developing KPIs for their organisations.

This course is taught by the most senior Institute facilitating consultants. It is designed to enable anyone developing performance measures to learn best practices to create, deploy, and manage KPIs more effectively and efficiently.

Who should attend?

  • Teams or individuals with performance measurement/management responsibility
  • Senior managers or leaders who are establishing, leading, and managing performance management and measurement programs and systems
  • Managers, planners, and analysts who are part of a strategic planning and management team and are seeking the best practical ideas for improving organisational performance
  • Employees who have been tasked to plan, develop, or improve dashboards, KPI scorecards, business processes, program and project management, portfolio management or other measurement systems
  • Managers, planners, or analysts who are involved with defining performance measures or complying with regulatory and other reporting requirements
  • Budget analysts who need performance information to formulate budgets and evaluate programs.
customer feedback
The facilitator's skills were outstanding. Initially, our goal was to learn how to develop KPIs from job descriptions, but he helped us shift our mindset. Now, we understand the importance of getting organizational performance right before focusing on individual performance. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found it extremely valuable.
This training is simply excellent. The combination of Mark's experience, technical knowledge, approachability & facilitation skills had me engaged throughout the 5 days. Thank you & very well done.
The programme is very intense but well structured. I found that I got as much value from this course as was possible, to feel empowered and competent to apply this knowledge in my organisation.
A very good programme. One I will recommend to others. I think there is wisdom in breaking it into chewable components, so that focused learning and understanding may be realised.

    Course Facilitator

    Mark Van Rooyen

    Senior Partner & Lead Consultant

    The course will be facilitated by Mark van Rooyen, who has trained many Balanced Scorecard Bootcamps over the last 20 years, for various organisations. His experience in strategy, management and performance systems will ensure value for all delegates. His success in delivering many courses across the continent, and his understanding of various operational environments, make his presentation and training highly effective.