Balanced Scorecard associate Certification

Understand and build a sound understanding of the basics of a Balanced Scorecard management system and know how to apply the concepts to improve performance correctly.

Delivery methods

In-Person Training (Onsite)

3 day training

In-Person Training (Public)

3 day training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

6 x 3hr tutorial

Course Accreditations


Course overview

When you understand the fundamentals and importance of a Balanced Scorecard Management System, you gain a more excellent knowledge of the best application methodologies of a balanced scorecard and how to apply the principles to your organisation suitably.

The Balanced Scorecard Introduction course is designed to help understand the key concepts and practical applications of building and implementing a balanced scorecard system in organisations. It is based on the Balanced Scorecard Institute’s award-winning Nine Steps to Success™ framework and thousands of hours of consulting and training experience in strategic planning and management. The emphasis is on shared participant experiences, lessons learned, best practices, applied exercises, reinforcement, and support. Delegates will learn from each other as well as their facilitator.

Course Durations

In-Person Training (Onsite)

3 day training

In-Person Training (Public)

3 day training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

6 x 3hr tutorials

Objectives & Topics

The program is designed around practical techniques and templates, real-life case studies, and time for participants to practice what they learn with support from experts.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Understanding the Balanced Scorecard as a management tool
  • Recognising the growth of Balanced Scorecard as a holistic system
  • Practically building a Balanced Scorecard
  • Creating a foundation to build a balanced scorecard
  • Understanding and practically formulating strategic themes, maps, and initiatives
  • Developing a cascading approach
  • Appreciating the role of automation
  • Understanding the role of evaluation of your Balanced Scorecard system
  • Practical guidelines in the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard System

Benefits of attending

Benefits gained

As a delegate, you will benefit by learning how:

  • Key concepts of the balanced scorecard work together.
  • A balanced scorecard can be used to improve organisational performance.
  • To assist in developing strategic objectives, meaningful performance measures, and targets.
  • To help your team successfully build a balanced scorecard system.
  • To anticipate challenges and prepare solutions for more effective implementation.
  • To engage leaders and employees in the planning process.
  • Other organisations have used the balanced scorecard for continual improvement; and
  • To summarise all elements of a balanced scorecard.

Who should attend?

This course is recommended for managers, planners, analysts, and other members of an extended balanced scorecard development team seeking the best practical ideas for a successful implementation. The course is also ideally suited to those who need a general awareness of balanced scorecard concepts to support their organisation’s developmental efforts. The system is also ideal for any business professional who wants to keep abreast of the latest thinking regarding strategic planning, alignment, management, measurement, and execution.
customer feedback
The course was excellently delivered, and it fully met all my expectations about BSP. The facilitator, Mark, demonstrated real expertise in this area. The facilitator responds and clarifies information effectively. He willingly provides further explanations for any missed concepts.
This course really opened my thinking & vision in preparing scorecards. Our perception of targets now has a bigger picture. We have to use strategic & also create a balance. Can’t wait to get back to the office to share with colleagues and will also be useful at our unit strategy session.
The training is simply excellent. The combination of Mark's experience, technical knowledge, approachability & facilitation skills had me engaged throughout the 5 days. Thank you & very well done.

The training is good, very informative and the examples ad case studies will give a clearer picture of how to apply the concepts. The interaction while individuals plan different instructions gives insight into different alterations that once we use to find solutions to issues.

The training was extremely useful in identifying current challenges within the organisation and individual departments. It has helped us to recognise areas that need improvement.
This is a real practical solution to business & performance management situation especially in Africa government institutions.

The training was well paced and planned out. The Virtual Learning classroom was well organized. Facilitator's use of the whiteboard was amazing.


    Course Facilitator

    Mark Van Rooyen

    Senior Partner & Lead Consultant

    The course will be facilitated by Mark van Rooyen, who has trained many Balanced Scorecard Bootcamps over the last 20 years, for various organisations. His experience in strategy, management and performance systems will ensure value for all delegates. His success in delivering many courses across the continent, and his understanding of various operational environments, make his presentation and training highly effective.